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City explorers (four lessons)

City explorers (four lessons)


The city is our playground!

Come by for your first trial lesson.


Four lessons that you can take according to your availability. 


We meet every Sunday at 4pm and start the route at 4:30pm from here: Location

The route takes 90 minutes and includes at least one spot on which we will have fun drawing some lines mixing tricks and abilities.

(The meeting place is subject to changes that will be notified in advance).


  • Contents

    +The principles of city skating
     1. Safety
     2. Confidence 
     3. Politeness
     4. Awareness

    + Efective strides (speed)
    +How to stop (T-stop, Soul, Powerslide)
    +How to skate on tricky floors (cobblestones, wet ground, pebbles)
    +Drawing lines on different city spots.

  • What do I need?

    Your inline or roller skates.
    Knee and wrist pads are the minimum required protective equipment.
    The use of helmet is more than recommended. 
    Good vibe and motivation to learn!